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People, Planet, Profit.

We are working on a plan B for business.


Babele is a collaborative innovation network for business modeling.

We bring together people and organizations to co-develop sustainable

strategies to address the most urgent challenges of our time.


We are a Social Enterprise

Babele is a social enterprise launched in the fall of 2013, with the objective to harness collective intelligence to help social enterprises and CSR driven projects to validate their key assumptions and co-develop a sustainable strategy through stakeholders’ engagement and participation. BABELE is derived from the idea that combining collective human brain power and modern information technology has the potential to form just such an innovative channel for the generation of sustainable development projects.

The platform has a unique open-source approach for supporting social entrepreneurship and creating social impact. It has been inspired by the emerging paradigm of more open, collaborative, and adaptive organizations. Instead of creating social business strategies in secrecy and thus reinventing the wheel without learning from others, it offers an advanced system to share ideas, get inspiration from others, and co-create business strategies for social good and replicate them in other parts of the world.

As Dom Potter explains in Stanford Social Innovation Review: “Open structures allow for social construction of products and services. This is where the real potential of approaches such as design thinking and lean startup are rendered into concrete actions; they push us to develop products and services with and not for our market.

The platform combines the principles of social entrepreneurship, crowdsourcing, and lean startup, engaging crowds of stakeholders in problem-solving, supporting the business development process of social enterprises from all over the world.

Instead of a small number of people setting up definitions of what it means to be a social organization and acting as regulators without a societal mandate, the platform enables to move toward a distributed model of regulation—a model where each and every one of us has the opportunity to look into the workings of any organization and make his/her own judgment.



At Babele we believe that it is possible to achieve sustainability-driven innovation by leveraging open collaboration and collective brain-power. Our ultimate goal is to help organizations transition towards a culture that “deliberately” leverages the collective genius of its internal and external stakeholders – to achieve greater impact.

Our core values are openness: the platform is open to any individual or organization that wants to create or support social good projects. Information is open and available to anyone (unless the individual or organization opts for special privacy settings, see below), collaboration (everything we do is to enable people to collaborate on social good projects in order to bring them to live and scale their impact.

We dream of an active community empowered by the connections they make and ideas they generate and integrity (Trust and honesty sit at the base of any action we do, we will never share your data with any third parties, we will not sell our company and thus face a mission drift. If any member  feels that they have been subjected to defamatory, abusive, threatening or harassing behaviour, they should contact us immediately so that we can take appropriate action).