Innovate like a startup, be organized like a corporate

Accelerate the quality and speed of innovation by tapping into the collective genius of your extended network

Nurture the intrapreneurs in your organization

Create an online incubation network to engage your intrapreneurs, employees, experts, customers and partners into a secure environment for open and closed innovation programs.

For innovators & intrapreneurs

Follow a tailored, step-by-step planning framework to develop their strategy. They can share progress and performance updates, post questions and challenges as the project evolves and develops. They can capitalize on the ideas and feedback of all the company network.

For corporate mentors & experts

Are matched to each project according to their competences. They can track the work done by each team and contribute by submitting feedback to each assumption of the development plan. They can participate in challenges and debates, share files and catalyze conversations around shared insights

For program managers

Manage a transparent repository of the company’s innovative projects, while capturing key learning that can be made available for future initiatives. They can easily organize people, projects, files or discussions and customize features of the platform to match their program’s approach and structure.

Customize your online corporate incubator

The platform combines the concepts of open innovation and lean startup: it enables the creation of an online corporate incubator. Ideas are rapidly validated and iterated, thanks to the continued feedback loop of the stakeholders involved.

Customized Tool


Tailored strategy

Filter people by skills

E-learning functionality

Privacy management

Create groups & roles

Automatic reminders

Library for files & docs

Track performance

We help you innovate faster, better and cheaper.

Discover our 3 approaches to crowd-innovation.

Define a challenge and let the best response emerge from collective intelligence

Generate, develop and filter innovative ideas, involving your international work-force, anywhere in the world. Employees can form groups, work together to hack the challenge and co-develop genuine solutions, which are tested and refined in a collaborative way.

Caisse des Dépots uses Babele to involve +20.000 employees from 6 countries to propose CSR initiatives and sustainability solutions to boost the bank’s positive impact.

Co-develop and validate innovative strategies by involving internal and external talent

Co-develop new powerful projects by engaging your heterogeneous network of stakeholders. Upload your innovation blueprint, organize participants in groups, set milestones, privacy & deadlines; kick-off a dynamic innovation program to crowd-validate each strategy.

Chicco is developing new products by involving colleagues from different BUs spread in 5 countries, and involves the right stakeholders for each project.

Create a virtual accelerator for the most innovative projects in your organization

Customize your acceleration modules, choose your timeline and create an exciting journey for teams of intrapreneurs, mentors and experts. Incubate projects by leveraging the collective wisdom of your network & enable participants to co-learn and share knowledge.

The UN is using Babele to host a virtual accelerator for SDGs initiatives. Mentors and investors provide feedback to help iterate each venture’s strategy, in a lean way.

Why work with us?

We help you save months in the development of your collaborative innovation program.

Get your fully customized and secured platform in just 2 weeks time.

We deliver a turn-key customized platform with your wished URL, company branding and colour coding, a personalized landing page, your innovation framework and tailored features. Contrary to other tools developed from scratch, this platform was improved with the feedback of +100.000 users from 143 countries.

Your information is fully private, protected from internal and external threats.

Our development team is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, which guarantees a deep know-how with international security techniques, and code of conduct for international security controls. All your data is encrypted and secured in dedicated infrastructure. We back it up on a nightly basis and retain the last 30 back-ups.

We help you structure the collaborative process and coordinate it effectively.

We are a team of open innovation experts, collaborating with consulting companies such as Oliver Wyman and Bluenove. Beyond providing the platform, we work closely with you to assess your needs, design the right community dynamic and implement a powerful execution plan to engage your network and foster peer-learning.


If you are new to crowdsourcing, then you must be Agile in the way you introduce this approach in your organisation. Run a short trial project so you have the opportunity to prove that a collaborative strategic planning approach is capable of delivering better results than any team working in closed compartments. You can count on our expertise in crowdsourcing to carefully organise the pilot and formalize a thoughtful engagement strategy, to make sure you will nail the right community dynamic at the first shot.