The acceleration management software you've been looking for.

A modern, intuitive tool to manage and
coordinate your social innovation program,
while keeping your community engaged.

Online engagement made really easy

Babele is a collaboration platform designed to run social business incubation and acceleration programs. It is a user-friendly online toolkit that enables social ventures to refine and iterate their business strategy through open feedback from key stakeholders (e.g. advisors, investors, customers, partners). It provides a safe environment for business modeling, mentoring and peer-learning, which fosters transparency, participation and openness. The key challenges we address are the following:


Many social innovators involved in your program present questions and
challenges that are strikingly similar. Babele facilitates the mutual
learning between entrepreneurs.

A mentor's feedback to one startup can often be useful toother program participants. Babele makes best practices readily available, fostering knowledge transfer.

A handful of experts is not enough to solve complex business problems. Babele helps you to leverage the collective wisdom of all the advisors in your network, worldwide.

After the program, opportunities for contact and engagement decrease. Babele allows entrepreneurs and mentors to stay in touch and invites their continuous involvement.

For accelerator managers

  • Create a learning environment for business modeling, mentoring and peer collaboration;
  • Customize your program framework, assign task, set deadlines and automatic reminders;
  • Easily assign mentors to your startups and filter the expertise required by each team;
  • Upload links, files, docs and videos, while customizing privacy at every level;
  • Track the progress of both startups and mentors, as well as the results they achieve over time;
  • Follow our design thinking approach to come up with a powerful plan to engage the network.

For mentors & advisors

  • Create a transparent portfolio of the teams you manage and support;
  • Track mentees’ progress and performance, and receive email notifications after every update;
  • Review business models, validating and providing feedback on each section of the strategy;
  • Join the business challenges that match your skills and competences;
  • Participate to discussions & debates, helping with problem solving and decision making;
  • Sustain change makers to develop innovative & sustainable solutions for the greater good.

For social innovators

  • Work on your accelerator assignments by following an intuitive step-by-step methodology;
  • Validate your assumptions more rapidly thanks to the continued feedback of your support network;
  • Organize your network in groups and assign them  with different levels of privacy access;
  • Post your business challenges and filter experts based on the skills needed to move forward;
  • Enjoy a centralized database to upload files, links, videos and other useful documents;
  • Share progress and performance updates, such as customer interviews, product iterations, etc.

Customize, Engage, Manage.

Customize the process, functionalities, look and feel of your online community.. Define the network dynamic and interaction. We help you to create a powerful engagement strategy to leverage the collective knowledge of your network.

Customized Tool


Tailor business canvas

Filter people by skills

E-learning functionality

Privacy management

Create groups & roles

Automatic reminders

Library for files & docs

Track performance

Our mission

Help social business networks to transition towards a culture that deliberately leverages the collective genius of their internal and external stakeholders – to achieve greater impact“.

Fostering sustainable innovation

Join a global community of like-minded social business programs and networks fostering social change. Cross-pollinate ideas with other innovation programs, exchange best practices, connect with external experts and social ventures from 143 countries, and find relevant partners to move forward. enabling your program to meet the goals more quickly and effectively.


Incubators & accelerators

Impact Networks


If you are new to crowdsourcing, then you must be Agile in the way you introduce this approach in your organisation. Run a short trial project so you have the opportunity to prove that a collaborative strategic planning approach is capable of delivering better results than any team working in closed compartments. After you achieve a powerful success story, then you can scale organically the online community with new projects, innovators project managers and corporate advisors. You can count on our expertise in crowdsourcing to carefully organise the pilot and formalize a thoughtful engagement strategy, to make sure you will nail the right community dynamic at the first shot.