People, Planet, Profit.

We are working on a Plan B for business. INNOVATORMENTOR

Babele is a collaborative innovation network to foster positive social change. We bring together people and organizations to co-develop sustainable business models to address the most urgent challenges of our time, and support the SDGs’ implementation.

For Social Innovators

Create, develop and validate your business strategy by engaging all your stakeholders!

Stop building your social business on your own. Engage your support network in a secure environment for boosting your strategy through collaborative problem solving and decision making!

For World Changers

Contribute to make the world a better place: support the innovations of tomorrow, today!

Meet brilliant social innovators from all-over the world and help them scale their impact. You can contribute to their success by validating business strategies, joining challenges, sharing your ideas and feedback.

For Social Innovation Programs

Create your private online network for business modeling, mentoring, peer-learning and collaboration. You can engage all your stakeholders and coordinate their contributions effectively. Check out our work with innovation programs in 27 countries:

Our Network by the Numbers

Innovation programs

Social ventures


Social ventures of the month

Every week we receive new incredible projects from teams that are passionate to make have a big, positive impact. If you are working on a powerful social-change initiative and you wish to show-case your work on our global community: click on the button below to get started!

Mobilize Africa

Trainings & Events

We hold dynamic workshops and bootcamps on business modeling and lean startup for social ventures. Our events combine theory with relevant example and a gamified approach to practice: which brings participants to work individually and in teams, online and offline. We have trained over 500 social innovators in 15 countries – from Tokyo to Berlin – and contribute as lecturers for partner incubation programs in 5 countries.