Business modelling for greater impact

Discover the potential of social entrepreneurship to unveil a new era of social capitalism!

In a nutshell

This highly inspirational event has the purpose to unveil the potential of social business to trigger a new era of coscious capitalism. This event is particularly relevant for entrepreneurs, NGOs, CSR managers and active citizens, who are interested in understanding how business models can trigger social change and wish to find inspiration from successful actors all around the world.

Workshop on collaborative social business modeling

About the content

We will showcase through several examples how business is capable of fostering economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity, satisfying the needs of present society without compromising resources for future generations.
Participants will learn about the 9 key approaches to make a business for good, and will discover several examples of entrepreneurs around that are successfully combining profit and impact in revolutionary ways.

What's in it for you?

You will discover the best examples of social ventures throughout the world, along with an analysis of the best practices and the trends that are transforming the industry. You will leave this workshop with a clear understanding of the possible business models for a social enterprise. You will fully appreciate the potential and the challenges of a new paradigm in doing business, based on the principle that civilization cannot divorce itself from nature and the ecosystem in which we live.

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