Create collaborative innovation ecosystems for greater impact

Babele is the online platform to manage your mission-driven innovation program & effectively engage stakeholders

All-in-one accelerator software
All-in-one accelerator software
Programs using the accelerator platform
Programs using the accelerator platform

For organizations that want to manage entrepreneurial ecosystems



















A tailored innovation platform ready in one day.
Highly customizable, centralized, and easy to use.

Explore the variety of use cases

Open Innovation

Interconnecting 100 social entrepreneurs working in agritech worldwide.

Co-creating business models with peer-to-peer feedback, in addition to external mentorship and expertise from Bayer to empower the next generation of change-makers.


Advisory Matchmaking

Providing on-demand advisory to 300+ tech-for-good startups with purpose-driven employees.

The system leverages a semantic algorithm that finds the best Google experts to tackle specific requests for help posted by the ventures, from a network of 1000+ employees.


Caisse des Depots (largest public bank in France) launched a social innovation competition, which involved 25,000 employees to tackle particularly social and environmental challenges.

Their employees where asked to initiate and collaborate on CSR initiatives through the Babele platform.


Societal Development

UNDP uses the accelerator software for joint action to tackle the challenges of the green transition.

The blueprint takes a cross-sectoral approach and broad societal participation to trigger transformative change by improving the strategic and legislative framework as well as co-financing the implementation of innovative pilot projects.

And many more...

Babele is used by 150+ innovation programs, uniquely leveraging the app and our team’s expertise.

We tailor the accelerator software completely to your needs and processes, so you can effectively manage and efficiently scale your program!

Application funnel

A powerful tool to launch competitions, evaluate & recruit program applicants.
Application management
Form builder

Intuitive form builder

Create applications, competitions, surveys & recurring questionnaires using different question types and a drag-and-drop system.


Set assessment criteria and involve evaluators to review applications. Pre-select hot applicants and schedule interviews.


Filter on specific selection criteria and perform bulk actions. Accepted applicants are automatically onboarded into your program!

Learning System

Create your unique program curriculum
or innovation framework for your innovators, mentors & experts.
learning management system
Curriculum builder

Framework builder

Customize the learning tutorial with glaring examples, videos, and best practices and create templates to capture key deliverables.
Easy to follow tutorials

Step-by-step tutorial

Teams have access to the tutorials & templates to complete assignments and deliverables, based on the pace you decide.

Feedback & approval

Mentors & experts have a virtual portfolio of the ventures they support. Crowdsource feedback and foster knowledge transfer.

Expert matchmaking

Automatically match-make expert and mentees for specific requests & challenges with our semantic algorithm.
Semantic matchmaking
Ask for help

Post request

Ventures can post challenges and requests for help, and tag skills they need to move forward.
experts help you

Matching with experts

A semantic algorithm matches experts to the challenges, who can book meetings and
wrap-up the coaching notes.
overview of connections

Overview of sessions

Keep track of all the advisory sessions, what skills are needed, who got matched, who took on a request, etc.

Community building

Drive engagement, centralize updates,
and communication in one place
community building
role based CRM

Role-based CRM

Organize your network, group stakeholders in circles to assign roles and manage permissions.
schedule events

Events & meetings

Create events that sync with all invitees calendars. Meetings are easily scheduled with our Zoom integration.
build your ecosystem

Forum & resources

Share relevant updates, news, content within the forum and dataroom. We integrate with Google Drive and Dropbox!

Tracking & reporting

Track teams’ progress and results they achieve over time, and visualize it in a dashboard.
track engagement
track the progress

Overview of progress

Track the ventures’ progress and the milestones achieved throughout the program, monitor which mentors and experts contribute.
manage KPIs

Key Performance Indicators

Define KPIs you want to collect and track them from the dashboard, download the portfolio for easy reporting.
export statistics


Track many more data points of engagement from users and ventures involved in the program.

Engage people beyond intuition

Get support running your accelerator program online

We help your team to develop a thoughtful engagement strategy, design tailored user journeys, produce clear on-boarding material. Together we launch a thriving community dynamic that you’ll know how to coordinate effectively.

We successfully implemented 100+ innovation programs worldwide and have gathered a network of 2500+ social ventures and experts from 116 countries on the accelerator software.

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What they say about us?

Learn about others’ experience working with our team.

Kai Hockerts – Professor, Copenhagen Business School

“Babele is an extraordinary innovation tool. We are using it to interconnect a community of 400 social entrepreneurs from 65 countries. We have created an impressive collaboration dynamic, and a valuable interaction with experts from all-over the world.”

Marcela Lessa – Program Director, Yunus & Youth

“Babele has been extra engaged in understanding not only our needs but also our limitations and have made the effort to create a customized offer to meet our expectations.

Our social entrepreneurs are having an excellent time going through the learning journey we developed together, and appreciate having the opportunity to organize their ideas clearly and concisely. Our team has been definitely impressed by their commitment, expertise, and availability throughout our partnership.”

Lauren Barredo – Head of Partnerships, United Nations SDSN

“Babele combined their platform with deep content knowledge on how to launch and run a successful accelerator.

Babele has been an ideal collaborator, offering everything from help with IT aspects to co-developing the syllabus and engagement strategy, running lectures and giving feedback to the participants.

Throughout the program, we have been greatly impressed by the platform and the team’s expertise, responsiveness, sensitivity to our needs and attention to details.”

Alex Moise – Head of Creative Industries, BT

“Babele is intuitive to work with, even for non-technical staff, like myself.

Appreciated the fact that all communications are fully customizable to avoid any cluttering. During our Accelerator, Business Owners adapted fast enough to using the new tools”

Audrey – Head of Programs @StartupNV

“Babele is a comprehensive platform that makes it easy to support our company’s unique entrepreneurship programs.

Emanuele and his team are a pleasure to work with, and have been incredibly helpful throughout the process of setting up our multiple online communities geared towards startups. I especially appreciate their keen eye for detail and their desire to innovate.

I definitely recommend Babele to any organization looking to host startup founders, students, employees and more on an online community.”

Andrei Hüttner – Communication Representative, BOSCH

“Working with Babele has been an amazing experience. The platform provided a clear and open workplace for the accelerator and all the stakeholders involved. It was efficient and easy to use”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accelerator software are tools to efficiently manage innovation programs, such as providing startups with the mentorship, skills and funding they need in order to scale. Accelerator management software allows to run acceleration programs online. This includes online mentoring, e-learning and reporting. Babele allows to manage stakeholders efficiently.
There are a few key steps to follow when deciding to run your accelerator (partly) online:
    1. 1. Define the key goals
    1. 2. Map your stakeholders
    1. 3. Understand Minimum Viable Interaction
    1. 4. Perfect your Timeline
    1. 5. Test your Assumptions
    1. 6. Facilitation done right
    1. 7. Don't track everything, but SMARTLY
    1. 8. Communication is KING
    1. 9. Managing your Alumni
At Babele, we help you with all these steps to make sure your transition from offline to (partly) online is smooth sailing! Discover more about Our Approach
A digital incubator is an online program that helps startups get started. They can provide learning resources, connection with mentors and experts and even award you at the end of the program with some seed stage financing.
Cohort management is the process through which accelerators build, track and manage their cohort of startups.
In order to scale your accelerator you need to optimize your processes:
      1. Streamline your application with an application management tool
      2. Upload your learning curriculum online
      3. Source mentors and startups from other geographical areas online
      4. Create community engagement and cross-pollination