About the Online Platform

A fully customized, white-label innovation management platform to manage your intrapreneurship and acceleration programs.

Organised, centralized, and easy to use: our platforms help you engage intrapreneurs, mentors, clients, partners, startups and field experts in the innovation process. Coordinate effectively your stakeholders, rapidly transfer mission-critical skills, while making your organization more agile, productive and competitive.

Solution-oriented Platform

Like a virtual innovation cluster: the platform allows you to accelerate new strategies, products and services. Customize the platform to match your program goals. Foster collaborative problem solving, sharing of best pracices and peer-to-peer learning, while tracking the results that innovators and other stakeholders achieve over-time.

Enjoy full control

Customize the key modules of your innovation program, upload relevant content, assign mentors and deadlines, while managing communication effectively with all the network members.

Foster Collaborative Ideation

Innovators can form teams and follow a step-by-step framework to develop their ideas, post questions to supporters and filter experts, based on the required skills to move forward.

Leverage collective wisdom

When a team needs help, they can create a discussion to ask for ad hoc expertise. The discussion-board replaces hard-to-follow email chains and keeps the entire conversation about a specific topic together on a single page.

Organise all your files

The community database allows you to upload relevant documents, files and videos. Anyone who’s part of the team, has access to the same set of files, which can be easily organised through tags.

Organise all the stakeholders

Enjoy a central space to invite and organize all your network members, assign roles and manage communication effectively. You can create groups and sub-groups of participants, assign different roles and allocate experts to projects based on the required skills to move forward.

Engagement consulting

Too many online-communities fail. They jump off a cliff and try to build their plane on the way down. The secret sauce for online innovation networks to work is planning. Discover how we help you organize the program and coordinate it effectively.