Reinvent your organization

"Nothing endures except change"

In a nutshell

During this 2 days hands-on collaborative workshop, you will work together with your team to understand the own identity of your organization, listen to where it needs to go, explore multiple ideas and develop them into early-stage strategies that will make your working environment more attractive and resilient. 



Workshop on collaborative social business modeling

About this workshop:

1. Research

We will gather 200 fresh ideas (1 per post-it) through a dynamic brainstorming session, which allows participants to delve into the organization’s identity, its strengths and weaknesses, its challenges and opportunities to achieve a positive impact. 

2. Understand (offline)

Participants have 30 minutes to collaboratively re-arrange all the post-its in relevant categories. The exercise fosters team-building and creates a pool of collective knowledge for the ideation phase. 

3. Ideate (offline)

Participants have 1 hour to get inspiration from the categorized post-its and co-create powerful ideas together. Each participant can join multiple ideas and work with peers to design a compelling value proposition. 

4. Strategy (offline)

Teams will work in group to develop the strategy canvas for their idea and will upload it in an online repository for other colleagues in the organization to participate as mentors. 

5. Voting & Online validation (1 week - online)

Colleagues and other internal and external stakeholders of the company are invited to join the platform and provide feedback to validate key projects’ assumptions. 

6. Action Plan (offline)

Teams get back together to analyze the feedback received online and conceive the most effective action plan to create an MVP of the project, test risky hypotheses and work effectively with stakeholders. Teams will then update the projects information in the platform, so they can get additional feedback to refine their development plan and next steps. 

“Babele has been an ideal collaborator for our acceleration program, and we cannot speak highly enough of them. The platform combines assignment submission, feedback forms, discussion fora and video lectures, with deep content knowledge on how to launch and run a successful social venture.  Throughout our engagement, we have been greatly impressed by the team’s expertise, responsiveness, sensitivity to our needs, and attention to detail. They made make themselves available at all hours of the day and night to answer our questions and are a joy to work with.”

Lauren Barredo – Head of Partnerships at United Nations SDSN

“Babele is an extraordinary innovation tool. We are using it to interconnect a community of 230 social entrepreneurs from 65 countries. We have created an impressive collaboration dynamic, and a valuable interaction with experts from all-over the world. I wish the team every success!”

Kai Hockerts
Professor, Copenhagen Business School

Babele was of great help for our accelerator program in Nepal. It allowed us to keep track of our companies progress and smooth communication and engagement between our stakeholders. The Babele’s team were of great help in setting up and customizing the platform to our needs and always available on call when needed!”

Simon Mathijssen
Program Director, Rockstart Impact