An all-in-one platform to manage your accelerator and engage stakeholders

You have it all: from Business Modeling to online mentoring, e-learning, custom program curriculum, database, community management, etc.

Startup directory

All your startups are easily accessible from one place.

  • Submit new startups to the program by following an intuitive step-by-step framework.
  • Approve or reject new applicants, after having reviewed the startup information submitted.
  • Organize startups by location, vertical, developmental stage, SDGs, tags, etc.
  • Allocate Mentors, peers, and investors to the startups that are relevant to them,
  • Track progress and performance, and give feedback when appropriate.

Tailored program curriculum

Customize the accelerator program curriculum, milestones & assignments

  • Create your unique accelerator program curriculum, and customize your startups’ assignments.
  • In fact, create as many program curricula as you need, so you can run several programs at the same time.
  • Create e-learning tutorials: upload reading material, videos, files & examples, to guide participants through each assignment.
  • Set deadlines for startup and mentors, and create automatic reminders to keep participants engaged.

Business modeling & mentoring

Startups and mentors follow an intuitive tutorial to get work done.

  • Venture-teams complete the program assignments online and customize the privacy access to the right stakeholders.
  • They can create tables, embed videos and upload attachments; they can fork discussions and Export the plan in PDF.
  • Mentors and experts can leave their feedback to each startup assignment, helping to validate key assumptions ;
  • Create a concise guideline for mentors and experts on the feedback they should provide to each assignment..

Light CRM

Organize your network, assign roles and manage communication

  • Group stakeholders in Circles, and assign different roles and levels of privacy access.
  • Filter participants by competence and interests, allocate them to the right startup, based on the required skills to move forward.
  • Easily invite new people to join the community: via email-list or generating a unique URL that you can share everywhere.
  • Approve or reject new requests to join the community.
  • Send private messages to individuals or groups of participants, which will be delivered as emails.

Community engagement

Centralize updates and communication in one place

  • Share relevant updates about the program, news, opportunities, content, as well as startups and mentors requests.
  • Track the most active participants and startups in the program.
  • Everyone receives platform & email notifications whenever there are updates and can adjust the notifications frequency and format.

Content Management System

Use the shared database for documents, files & relevant resources.

  • Upload your important documents: upload them from your laptop or import them using Gdrive and Dropbox.
  • Customize the privacy of each file and document, providing access to the right stakeholder circles.
  • Organize resources through tags and keywords, and (soon) through folders.
  • Startups have their own database: to upload market research, financial plan, customer interviews, etc.

Discussion Forum

Replace hard-to-follow email chains and keeps the entire conversation on a single page.

  • Gather in one place relevant discussions about a specific topic, as well as startup’s questions and challenges .
  • Customize privacy, set deadlines, and filter participants by skills, to invite the users that can bring the most value to the thread.
  • Contributors share their feedback; while the most voted response will automatically move to the top.
  • Archive discussions that are re-solved, so users only focus on the active content, while key learning is never lost.

Full engagement support

Too many online-communities miserably fail. Beyond providing the platform, we become your trusted partner to achieve consistent results.

  • We use Human Centered Design to help your team develop a thoughtful engagement strategy, design a tailored user journey for each stakeholder group and produce effective on-boarding material;
  • We train your community administrators on how to use the system and share best practices in community management and facilitation;
  • We support you with any issues you might encounter during the program, as well as provide advice on how to achieve better results with your community management;
  • We get together with you at the end of the program to assess the engagement results, discuss addressable improvements & next steps