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We organize dynamic workshops on organization culture, social business modelling and lean startup. Our events combine theory with relevant example and a gamified approach to practice: which brings participants to work individually and in teams, online and offline!

I really enjoyed the inspiring workshop by Emanuele and Ruxandra in Vienna. They give structure to the startup process, force you to focus, so that you come out with a plan, even if you came without one. Lots of positive energy and good insights. If you are hesitating just GO, it’s worth every second of your time. Thank you!”

Dmitry Gourov, Business strategist at UniCredit

 “I attended Babele’s Social Entrepreneurship workshop and it was absolutely fantastic. I loved the way the speaker kept us paying attention with clear concept, interesting examples and funny moments. The material was very well structured. The social ventures presented should definitely receive the popularity they deserve. Certainly, it will be a great pleasure to partecipate on other workshops!”

Simona Agoston, Social Entrepreneurship professor at ASE

 “I attended the workshop on Reinventing Organization and I was very impressed by the quality of the information and the way the presentation was structured. It was an eye opener: we were illuminated by the information shared and it also made us question ourselves: “how can we get to that sweet spot in our present Agile Transformation regarding culture and behaviour?!”

Alexandra Coşcovelniţă, Service Designer at E.ON