The accelerator management app you've been looking for.

babele 3 platform

A tailored platform ready in 1 day,
highly customizable, centralized, light-weight, and easy to use.

Create a collaborative and organized workspace to manage your accelerator and engage stakeholders in business modeling, online mentoring, e-learning, peer-collaboration, community & event management, KPI tracking, and much more.

Build your program curriculum, for your innovators, mentors and experts

Tailor the program framework, create modules & assignments.

Customize the learning tutorial with glaring examples, videos, and best practices.

Create your templates, to help the entrepreneurs develop a thorough business strategy.

Set deadlines and automatic reminders to keep participants engaged at all time.

Set the program start date and the duration in nr. of weeks;

Set deadlines for all the modules of your program;

Entrepreneurs, mentors, and coaches will receive automatic reminders to keep-up with the program pace.

Ventures’ teams follow an intuitive step-by-step tutorial to get work done.

Teams have access to the tutorials & templates to complete the assignments;

Entrepreneurs can customize privacy access to each module, to crowdsource feedback from the right stakeholders;

They can create tables, embed videos, upload files, and export their work in PDF.

Mentors can track ventures’ progress & performance updates and give feedback.

Mentors and coaches can create a virtual portfolio of the ventures they support;

Each module of the curriculum is a mentorship channel. Mentors can track the teams’ progress and give feedback as appropriate.

Coaching notes can be made available to other ventures, fostering knowledge transfer.

Create your ventures’ directory and cross-pollinate innovation across your network.

All the ventures are accessible from one place. They are tagged based on the program or cohort they belong to – for easier filtering.

Ventures can be organized by country, sector, development stage, and Sustainable Development Goals.

Each venture has a profile with forum, data-room, wall for updates & network.

Startups have a professional profile, that is managed by the core team.

Users can apply to join the team, and become mentors.

The team has a wall where to share progress updates, a light CRM to manage contributors, a shared database, and an area for ad-hoc discussions.

Teams can create discussions to exchange with their mentors and experts.

Teams can create public and private threads to discuss any topic with mentors and peers.

Such threads replace hard-to-follow email chains and keep the conversation on a single page.

The privacy of each discussion is granular: Teams can invite program’s stakeholders or create custom startup’s circles

Organize your network, assign roles and manage communication

You can group stakeholders in Circles: Startups, Mentors, Programme Managers, Hub Leaders…

Filter participants by skills, and allocate them to the right venture, based on the required skills to move forward.

Send messages to individual users and to groups, which will be delivered as emails.

Gather in one place relevant challenges, and foster peer-to- peer collaboration

“Public” startup questions and requests are available in one place, creating a transparent repository of the ventures’ key needs and challenges.

Admins can archive resolved threads, so users focus on the active content, while key learning is never lost.

A repository for files, forms, docs, videos and other relevant program resources.

Upload your important documents: or import them using Gdrive and Dropbox.

Customize the privacy of each file and document, providing access to the right people.

Ventures have their own data-room: to upload market research, financial plan, customer interviews, etc.

Post announcements, centralize updates, and communication in one place

Share relevant updates about the program, content , news, opportunities, together with ventures & mentors requests.

The feed gathers relevant news of the ventures that each user follows an supports.
Participants receives platform & email notifications whenever there are news & reminders.

Define KPIs that you want to track and consolidate the data in one organized place

Set the KPIs, and the frequency of collection from the administrator’s panel.

The ventures post the KPIs from their company profile, and the program admins download the consolidated portfolio performance as a spreadsheet.

Coordinate people effectively based on the results that they achieve overtime.

Track the ventures’ progress and the milestones completed throughout the program.

Monitor which mentors and experts contribute and provide feedback to each module.

Easily follow-up with participants to ensure their continued involvement

Organize events from one place and invite the right people to attend

Create meetigns and events for your bootcamps, workshops and mentorship sessions.

Include the video call link and invite users to attend based on their stakeholders role & circle

Everyone receive an event invitation which syncs with iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar.

Participants can create a professional user profile

Users can write a short bio, add skills and interests, as well as write about their professional experience.

They create their network of influence: they can follow or be followed by other users in the ecosystem.

They can set the notification frequency and format.

For accelerator managers
  • Create a learning environment for business modeling, mentoring and peer collaboration;
  • Customize your program framework, assign task, set deadlines and automatic reminders;
  • Easily assign mentors to your startups and filter the expertise required by each team;
  • Upload links, files, docs and videos, while customizing privacy at every level;
  • Track the progress of both startups and mentors, as well as the results they achieve over time;
  • Follow our design thinking approach to come up with a powerful plan to engage the network.
For mentors & advisors
  • Create a transparent portfolio of the teams you manage and support;
  • Track mentees’ progress and performance, and receive email notifications after every update;
  • Review business models, help validate key assumptions on each topic of the strategy;
  • Join the business challenges that match your skills and competencies;
  • Participate to discussions & debates, helping with problem-solving and decision making;
  • Sustain change-makers to develop innovative & sustainable solutions for the greater good.
For impact innovators
  • Work on your accelerator assignments by following an intuitive step-by-step methodology;
  • Promptly validate key assumptions thanks to the continued feedback of your support network;
  • Organize your network in groups and assign them  with different levels of privacy access;
  • Post your business challenges and filter experts based on the skills needed to move forward;
  • Enjoy a centralized database to upload files, links, videos and other useful documents;
  • Share progress and performance updates, such as customer interviews, product iterations, etc.

Fostering global sustainable innovation

Babele is not just a platform, but a collaborative social entrepreneurship ecosystem, connecting innovation programs spread across 5 continents. Engage with a global ecosystem of accelerators, 15000 experts, and 1500+ impact ventures coming from 112 countries. Cross-pollinate ideas with other programs, exchange best practices, connect with external experts and social ventures, and find relevant partners so you can meet your program goals more quickly and effectively.

Many social innovators involved in your program present questions and challenges that are strikingly similar. Babele helps you facilitates the mutual learning between entrepreneurs!

A mentor's feedback to one startup can often be useful to other program participants. Babele makes best practices readily available, fostering knowledge transfer.

A handful of experts is not enough to solve complex business problems. Babele helps you to leverage the collective wisdom of all the advisors in your network, worldwide.

After the program, opportunities for contact and engagement decrease. Babele allows entrepreneurs and mentors to stay in touch and invites their continuous involvement.