Fostering collaborative innovation with Impact

We create and manage sustainability-driven innovation programs that effectively leverage the collective genius of large stakeholder networks.

Our open & social innovation accelerator for makerpreneurs

LEVEL-UP is a unique program that brings together large corporations and social ventures to work side-by-side for 6 months. Corporate employees attend the accelerator to support the social enterprise and develop the entrepreneurial mindset, needed to change their company culture.

Women-focused social entrepreneurship incubator

Babele together with 6 European universities has founded Social Enterprise 4women: an international incubation program that supports female students attending universities in humanities, to develop a social entrepreneurial mind-set and attitude.

Sustainable Development Goals Virtual Accelerator

Babele and UN-SDSN have created the Investment Readiness Program: a 3-months virtual accelerator that support social entrepreneurs coming from 65 countries to develop a professional impact investment deck. The program has been launched in 2017, and we are currently at its 3rd edition.

Refugees integration accelerator

Babele and Changemakers Labs ran a pre-accelerator program in the Greek Island of Lesvos. The program engaged 7 social enterprise teams (made of refugees and locals university students) with social business ideas capable of fostering integration and economic growth.

Design thinking against bullying

We run a pre-accelerator program with Save The Children, to help high-school kids to develop solutions against bullying at School. We used design thinking to understand the bullying issue, run a dynamic ideation process, incubate the best ideas collaboratively, and run experiments in 3 schools.

Pro-bono consulting programme for social change

Babele, EY and Unltd created a program that engages consultants in an 8 weeks mentorship process to support the development of UK based philanthropic organizations. Consultants and entrepreneurs worked to develop, and implement viable solutions to address SocEnt challenges.

Social business bootcamps with collaborative cooking

We trained 500 teams in 16 countries (from Berlin to Tokyo) on the methods and the tools to effectively develop a social enterprise. We always engage participants in dynamic cooking sessions, to boost the team building and create invaluable connections.

DESIRE: Digital social entrepreneurship training

The DESIRE project aims to develop an innovative social entrepreneurship curriculum supported to promote the acquisition of social entrepreneurial skills among junior high-school pupils (12-15 yrs). We aim to make students aware of their roles and responsibilities as members of the society.

We help you innovate faster, better and cheaper.

We unlock the innovation & sustainability potential of leading organizations by applying processes that are validation-driven, impact-oriented, collaborative, and scalable. Our acceleration process was enhanced by the learnings from supporting more than 1000 innovation teams and social enterprises from all-over the world.

Social innovation accelerator programs

We create white-labeled, fixed-term, cohort-based programs which combine theory with relevant example and a gamified approach to practice. Participants work individually and in teams, online and offline. We provide connections, mentorship, educational components, partnerships, and the resources to accelerate their growth and impact. Check below some of our programs:

Social intrapreneurship and open innovation

We help you create innovation ecosystems for repeatedly delivering new, sustainable business models. We help you engage intrapreneurs, mentors and experts, but also develop the processes and systems that can support a concept from ideation to a scalable business. The approach aims to leverage the collective wisdom of your extended network, so that everyone can contribute to the innovation process, collaborate, learn from peers, and share knowledge.

Open innovation

CDC’s idea incubation program engages 5000+ employees spread across 5 countries in a collaborative accelerator aimed at producing sustainability driven solutions to boost the bank’s social & environmental impact.

Strategy co-creation

Artsana co-develops sustainable baby-care products by engaging internal and external stakeholders in the process: engineers, marketing & sales people, Innovation, CSR, experts, and clients from 7 countries.

Social intrapreneurship

BT’s program helps its directors to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, by mentoring NGOs that are creating revenue-generating activities. They apply the entrepreneurial learning on real projects, and contribute to impactful initiatives.

Your intrapreneurship management platform

Our programs wisely combine online and offline interaction, in order to get the best from the two worlds. Organised, centralized, and easy to use: our platforms help you coordinate effectively your stakeholders’ network, rapidly transfer mission-critical skills, while making your organization more agile, productive and competitive..

Leverage the collective wisdom of your advisors’ network, worldwide

Make best practices readily available, fostering knowledge transfer

Facilitate the mutual learning between innovators and other employees

Make innovation everyone’s business, and strengthen transparency & collaboration 

Online we are amazing…offline we are even better

We organize workshops on organization culture, business modelling, intrapreneurship, lean startup and collective intelligence. Our events combine theory with relevant example and a gamified approach to practice: which brings participants to work individually and in teams, online and offline!

Trainings and bootcamps on Lean Startup, Business Modeling and growth hacking, dedicated to corporations, and startups.

A highly inspiring event presenting a new management paradigm based on leadership, self-management and evolutionary purpose.

A dynamic event on social enterprises’ business models, shared value, market trends, amazing examples, and best practices.

What they say about us...

“I really enjoyed the inspiring workshop by Emanuele and Ruxandra in Vienna. They give structure to the startup process, force you to focus, so that you come out with a plan, even if you came without one. Lots of positive energy and good insights. If you are hesitating just GO, it’s worth every second of your time. Thank you!”

Dmitry Gourov, Business strategist at UniCredit

 “I attended the workshop on Reinventing Organization and I was very impressed by the quality of the information and the way the presentation was structured. It was an eye-opener: we were illuminated by the information shared and it also made us question ourselves: “how can we get to that sweet spot in our present Agile Transformation regarding culture and behaviour?!

Alexandra Coşcovelniţă, Service Designer at E.ON

“I attended Babele’s Social Entrepreneurship workshop and it was absolutely fantastic. I loved the way the speaker kept us paying attention with clear concept, interesting examples and funny moments. The material was very well structured. The social ventures presented should definitely receive the popularity they deserve. Certainly, it will be a great pleasure to partecipate on other workshops!”

Simona Agoston, Social Entrepreneurship professor at ASE

“I attended the Babele workshop in Brussels and it was the most constructive and informative experience I had on startups. I left the workshop full of new ideas and tips by other participants and, last but not least, with a bigger excitement and encouragement on my project through the feedback that I received during the brainstorming session in small groups!”

Danai Zafeira, EASO Manager, European Commission