Engagement Consulting

Too many online-communities fail. They jump off a cliff and try to build their plane on the way down. The secret sauce for online innovation networks to work is planning. We help you organize the program and coordinate it effectively.

Crowd-sourcing, to work, must be organised. Therefore, we work closely with your management team to create a powerful program implementation strategy. We review your existing innovation process, so that it can serve the involvement of a broader stakeholders’ network. The final result is a clear action plan that effectively combines meetings, conf-calls with the online platform, for a greater collaboration quality and innovation results.

We help you :

–   Define program’s goals & objectives

–   Map key stakeholders involved

–   Define roles and responsibilities

–   Assess motivations & constraints

–   Detect and prevent challenges

–   Set project timeline and deadlines

We help you :

–   Set enablers, tasks and deadlines

–   Format: online, offline or conf-call

–   Participation & contingency plan

–   Create a coherent User Experience

–   Set quantitative & qualitative KPIs

–   Conceive clear community norms

We help you :

–   Define platform’s privacy settings

–   Communication management plan

–   Customize Projects & users profile

–   Upload modules in the platform

–   Formalize on-boarding process

–   Train platform administrators

Community Facilitation

"Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them".

We provide facilitation services to help you coordinate and orchestrate the community’s work throughout the crowdsourcing program. We effectively engage your participants, and validate the most effective way to foster fluid interaction and fruitful collaboration among all network members.

Create user-guides to guide participants through each module of the program

Produce video tutorials for mentors and innovators on how to use the system

Train users users on how to use the platform and help achieve a flowless onboarding

Provide technical support and UX guidance throughout the program

Manage communication with broad community and with individual participants

Track participants’ progress and performance, and send reminders in case of delay

Crunching stats to create tailored reports about the program results

Ensure a positive mentoring relationship and take care of conflict resolution


We help you create a professional crowd-sourcing program that successfully engages your heterogeneous group of stakeholders while leveraging the collective knowledge and accountability that comes with being part of a collaborative community.

"Innovation is a social process. And [it] can only happen when people do that simple, profound thing - connect to share problems, opportunities and learning. To put it another way, anyone can innovate, but practically no one can innovate alone".

Alan Lafley - P&G