Engage students in entrepreneurship

Babele is an online, easy to use platform, that enables students to form teams, follow an intuitive e-learning tutorial to complete their professor’s assignments, as well as receive feedback and validation from the professor and peers.

For University Professors

  • Create an e-learning environment for business modeling, strategic planning and peer collaboration;
  • Customize your course framework, assign task, set deadlines and automatic reminders;
  • Easily assign advisors to your students and filter the expertise required by each team;


  • Upload case studies, videos and relevant leaning materials while customizing privacy at every level;
  • Track the progress of both teams and advisors, as well as the results they achieve over time;
  • Follow our design thinking approach to come up with a powerful plan to engage the network.

For Students

  • Work on the course assignments by following an intuitive step-by-step methodology;
  • Find relevant know-how through the e-learning environment to develop their business model;
  • Provide real-time feedback to other projects and receive validation from peers and professors;
  • Post questions and challenges, filtering advisors based on the skills needed to move forward;
  • Enjoy a project database where they can upload files, links, videos and other relevant documents;
  • Validate their assumptions more rapidly thanks to the continued feedback from the university network.

    For University Advisors

    • Create a transparent portfolio of the teams they manage and support;
    • Track the students’ progress and performance, and receive email notifications after every update;
    • Review business models, validating and providing feedback on each section of the strategy;
    • Join the business challenges that match their skills and competences;
    • Participate to discussions & debates, helping with problem solving and decision making;
    • Support students with developing innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial solutions.

      “The challenge is not simply to incorporate learning technologies into current institutional approaches, but rather to change our fundamental views about effective teaching and learning and to use technology in order to do so.” 

      – Donald E. Hanna

      Customize, Engage, Manage.

      Customize the process, functionalities, look and feel of your online learning environment. Define the students’ work-flow and interaction and create a powerful online ecosystem to accelerate students’ ideas collaboratively.

      E-learning functionality

      Customized Tool


      Tailor course frameworks

      Filter people by skills

      Privacy management

      Create groups & roles

      Automatic reminders

      Library for files & docs

      Track performance

      A Novel Approach to University Education

      Join a global network of entrepreneurship professors leaning towards a new approach to university education. Cross-pollinate ideas with other professors, exchange best practices, recruit external experts, and connect your students with other startup teams spread across 4 continents.


      All the communities are private, so that only the right stakeholders are involved. You can customize your entrepreneurship curriculum and create your e-learning business tutorial. You can assign tasks, deadlines, automatic reminders for students and create a discussion forum where they can share questions and challenges, and even filter experts based on the skills needed to move forward.